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Hi I'm Paul aka Anarchy Photography

Creative Photographer with over 18 years experience covering Studio Portrait Photography, Corporate Events, Product Pack Shots, Press & PR Photography across London & the UK. 

My work has been published in National Daily Newspapers. I have shot Magazine covers for Publications in the Lingerie, Jewellery, Watch & Catering Industry. I've covered private events in the House of Commons, V&A Museum, Saatchi Gallery, Freemason Grand Hall & The Dorchester Hotel to name drop a few.

My real passion is creative portraiture, building props and find locations to making an idea come to life. It's the artistic part of photography that I enjoy the most.  

Why Anarchy?

The word anarchy comes from the ancient Greek Anarchia "not, without" and Arkhi "ruler, leader, authority." Thus, the term refers to an anti-hierarchical person or society "without rulers" or "without leaders". 

Make your own rules - Anarchy Photography




Emma Bundonis tattoo | Through My Third Eye Studio

I Got 5 on it


The meaning behind the Five Cents symbol

A lot of my creative influence comes from a love of early American Photography. 1950's LA, the early days of Hollywood. Pin-Up stars like Marilyn Monroe & Bettie Page. Advertising Billboards, American Muscle cars. Especially the 5 cents symbol which appeared on everything from Pepsi Cola Advertising to postage stamps.


For me it encapsulates the mood of that era and gives me inspiration to create cool images.

I liked it so much I had it embroidered on leather jackets, my camera bags and baseball caps. Even have it tattooed on my finger, as a constant reminder to never give up on the creative pursuit of cool. 

Matt Pettis tattoo | 

Through My Third Eye Studio


The first black and white film I ever shot was the Ilford HP5+ 400ASA 35mm. I was 15 and had started an after school photography club using my first proper SLR camera that I had inherited from my grandfather an Olympus OM10 with a 50mm lens. This was my first experience processing my own film and developing photographic prints in a dark room. I was instantly hooked and the beginning of love affair with photography took off.

Up until this point I had wanted to be an artist of cartoon illustrator but heading to college after GCSE I took courses in Art, graphic Design & Photography. I knew I was always going to have a creative career as it was the only thing I really enjoyed. Not that I payed much attention in College I just made paintings I liked and messed around for hours in the dark room. I can still smell developer when I think about my college days.

On leaving college at 18 and trying for a list of creative jobs. I bagged my first as a portrait photographer at a chain of UK studios and set about shooting portraits on film with studio lighting and practicing my craft.

Ilford HP5+ Film canister tattoo designed by

Matt Pettis


Whats in my bag?


When I'm not taking photos I still like to be around cameras so for the past few years I have been hunting down vintage Polaroid's from the 1970's & 80's restoring and customizing them. Mostly I find them online in the US but always have a hunt round the odd charity shop just in case these one hidden away with the usual Bric-a-Brac.


So far I have rescued over 30 cameras that are now fully operational and shooting instant film again. I have a real soft spot for film photography as it's where my career started out and shooting a pack of Polaroid film is always a thrill if be it an expensive one. 

You can check out my current stock of Polaroids over on my

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